Rajshekhar Rajaharia


The Times of India

Security breach: 8.2TB data up for sale on dark web 2021-03-31
MobiKwik data breached? Company orders forensic data security audit 2021-03-30
MobiKwik denies data breach of 3.5 million users amid IPO plans 2021-03-30
Banks review services policy for WhatsApp 2021-02-27
Hackers allegedly leak data of Army personnel using Airtel network; company denies any breach 2021-02-06
Data of 25 lakh airtel customers in J-K allegedly leaked; telco claims no breach in server 2021-02-02
Financial information of 3.3 lakh Indians put on dark web: Expert 2021-01-22
WhatsApp group links were visible on Google: Report 2021-01-12
Policy update does not affect privacy of messages, clarifies WhatsApp 2021-01-12

The Economic Times

Beware! Link claiming to change WhatsApp theme to pink is a virus, can hack your phone 2021-04-19
RBI orders MobiKwik to urgently probe alleged data leak 2021-04-01
Data of 10 crore Mobikwik users for sale on dark web, say cybersecurity experts 2021-03-30
Banks review services policy for WhatsApp 2021-02-26
Hackers allegedly leak data of Army personnel using Airtel network; company denies any breach 2021-02-06
Airtel denies claims that data of 2.5 million users was leaked 2021-02-03
Data of 25 lakh Airtel customers in J-K allegedly leaked; telco claims no breach in server 2021-02-02
BuyUcoin suffered data leaks three times last year: Rajshekhar Rajaharia 2021-01-22
WhatsApp fixes bug that leaked group chats on Google Search 2021-01-12
Juspay Data Leak fallout: RBI swings into action to curb cyberattacks 2021-01-06
Amazon, Swiggy's payment processor hit by data breach 2021-01-05
10 crore Indians' card data selling on Dark Web: Researcher 2021-01-04
In Web's dark corner, your profile is on sale for just a few bucks 2019-05-18
Social media influencers lose their millions when scammers come phishing 2019-05-03
Data breach at JustDial leaks 100 million user details 2019-04-18

The Hindu

Explained | How Facebook 2021-04-15
MobiKwik asserts all user, firm 2021-03-29
Hackers leak phone data of Army personnel in J&K 2021-02-06

The Indian Express

WhatsApp Pink scam: What to look for and how to avoid 2021-04-22
Mobikwik episode shows how not to secure the digital wallet 2021-04-03
How not to secure the digital wallet 2021-04-02
MobiKwik database of 10 crore users leaked on dark web; company denies data breach 2021-04-01
As data leak claims resurface, MobiKwik plans forensic audit 2021-03-31
WhatsApp Groups were accessible publicly via Google Search, issue now fixed 2021-01-11

The New Indian Express

Beware of 2021-04-22
Mobile payment firm MobiKwik denies claims of data leak of 3.5 million users on dark web 2021-03-30
What the hack! Pakistan nationals deface government college website 2021-02-17
Policy update doesn't affect privacy of messages; includes change related to messaging a biz: WhatsApp 2021-01-12
For sale: Credit, debit card details of Hyderabadis available online for Rs 2000 2019-11-11
For sale: Credit, debit card details of Hyderabadis available online for Rs 2000 2019-11-11
Online transactions through Airtel website might put your data at risk 2019-04-23

Hindustan Times

Downloaded 'WhatsApp Pink'? Here's how to get rid of the malware and fix your device 2021-04-21
Link claiming to change WhatsApp theme to pink is a virus, do not click 2021-04-19
Private data of 3.5 million MobiKwik users reportedly up for sale, company denies claim 2021-03-29
WhatsApp speaks up on profiles, group invite links showing on Google search results 2021-01-11


MobiKwik investigating data breach after 100M user records found online 2021-03-30


3.5 Mn Data Of Mobikwik Users Allegedly Leak; Company To Conduct Forensic Data Security Audit By Third Party 2021-03-30

The Week

Domino's India hacked; customer data allegedly up for sale on the dark web 2021-04-19
'Beware of WhatsApp Pink': Cyber experts warn of new trick to hack your phone 2021-04-18
Mobikwik denies data breach as cybersecurity researchers say 3.5 million users' data for sale 2021-03-29
Hackers breach data of Army personnel using Airtel network; company denies claim 2021-02-06

The Sun

THINK PINK Beware 2021-04-20
EAVESDRAPPING Bizarre Google bug could let total strangers join your WhatsApp group chats and steal your phone number 2021-01-11

Daily Express UK

Experts have warned WhatsApp users about a new threat that could infiltrate your texts 2021-04-21

The Print

Latest policy update doesn 2021-01-12


Truecaller Denies Reports Of Data Breach Affecting 15 Mn Users In India 2021-05-22
How Indian Govt's Weak Stance On Data Privacy Has Allowed Startups Run Leaky Ships 2021-04-20
Upstox Tiptoes Around Data Breach Impacting 2.5 Mn Users, But Upgrades Security System 2021-04-12
RBI Orders Third-Party Audit For Mobikwik After Data Leak 2021-04-01
Despite Mobikwik Denial, Data Of 100 Mn Users Exposed In Massive Leak 2021-03-30
Mobikwik's Narcissism, AKA How I Learnt To Stop Worrying And Love Data Leaks 2021-03-30
Zee5 Once Again Caught In Data Breach; Info Of 9 Mn Users Exposed 2021-03-02
Data Of 25 Lakh Airtel Users In J&K Leaked After Failed Ransom Attempt 2021-02-03
Data Of 20 Lakh Credit Score Records Leaked From Chqbook 2021-01-27
Data Of Over 3 Lakh Users Leaked From Indian Crypto Exchange BuyUCoin 2021-01-21
Data Of 10 Cr Digital Payments Transactions Leaked After Attack On Juspay 2021-01-03
Facebook Makes Fake News Alerts More Prominent For Indian Users 2020-12-12
Exclusive: Personal Data Of 7 Mn Indian Cardholders Leaked On Dark Web 2020-12-08
Exclusive: Data Of 1.4 Mn Registered Users On IIMjobs Allegedly Leaked On Dark Web 2020-11-24
Database Of 9.1 Mn Zoomcar Users On Sale On The Dark Web 2020-05-22
JustDial Purges Itself Of Bug Granting User Access To Hackers 2019-10-11
Justdial Scrambles To Plug Multiple Leaks As Reviewer Data Goes Public 2019-04-30
Justdial Says Data Leak Affecting 100 Mn Users Fixed, But Security Researcher Disputes Claims 2019-04-16


What should you do if you get a link for WhatsApp in pink? 2021-04-19
'Largest KYC leak ever': Data of 10 crore Indians exposed at MobiKwik 2021-03-31

Business Standard

Yet another data leak: One million credit cards of Domino's Pizza customers 2021-04-20
India becomes favourite destination for cyber criminals amid Covid-19 2021-04-06
Data safe, security robust, but will do forensic audit, says MobiKwik 2021-03-30
3.5 million MobiKwik users' data up for sale, company denies claim 2021-03-29
Data of 2.5 mn Airtel users in J&K allegedly leaked; telco says no breach 2021-02-02
WhatsApp adds additional security layer to link account to computers 2021-01-28
Sensitive data of over 325,000 Indian users leaked in BuyUCoin hack 2021-01-21
WhatsApp advises users after group chat links seen again on Google search 2021-01-11
Cardholders' data leaked on Dark Web: What it means and how it affects you 2021-01-05
With privacy concerns looming, Zoom app yet to appear on Indian radar 2020-04-06
Explained: How data breach of Justdial's 100 million users was unearthed 2019-04-19
JustDial data leak exposed personal details of 100 million users: IT expert 2019-04-18

Dainik Bhaskar

एक एप ने ही 87 लाख लोगों से वसूल लिए 4572 करोड़ रुपए 2021-03-03
गूगल सर्च में मिल रहे यूजर्स के पर्सनल मोबाइल नंबर, इनमें एक भी बिजनेस यूजर नहीं 2021-01-15
जिले में तीन सौ गुना बढ़ गए फाइबर इंटरनेट कनेक्शन, मोबाइल डाटा में 30% का इजाफा 2020-12-31
आईएएस-आईपीएस समेत 7 लाख सरकारी कर्मचारियों के पीएफ खातों के पासवर्ड सरकार ने साइबर ठगों के हवाले किए 2019-12-27
‘वायरल’ संदेशों की बोलती बंद करो, नेट नहीं... सोशल साइट्स के डीएनएस-अाईपी एड्रेस ब्लाॅक कर सकते हैं 2019-12-23
झुंझुनूं के राजहरिया का सीएम ने किया सम्मान 2015-08-15
ठगों ने बनाईं आरबीआई की जाली वेबसाइट, कहीं खा न जाएं धोखा 2012-06-06

Rajasthan Patrika

फेसबुक में 26 गलतियां निकाल 10 लाख रुपए जीत चुका है शेखावाटी का यह बेटा 2016-08-17


Link claiming to change WhatsApp in Pink is a virus, can hack mobile phone: Cyber experts 2021-04-19
Route Mobile servers allegedly compromised; company investigating claims 2021-04-14
WhatsApp issues clarification; says policy update doesn't affect privacy of messages 2021-01-12
Justdial shuts down data breach rumours, says all sensitive information is 'protected' 2019-04-18


Hacker Is Selling Live Server Access to an OTP-Generating Telco | TechNadu 2021-04-15
8.2 TB Sensitive Data of MobiKwik Users Are Sold on Hacker Forum | TechNadu 2021-03-29
ZEE5 Has Leaked the Data of Nine Million Users but Didn’t Disclose It | TechNadu 2021-03-01
Hacker Stole ‘Airtel India’ Subscriber Data and Put Them up for Sale | TechNadu 2021-02-02
‘Chqbook.com’ Data Leak Compromises 2.5 Million Indians | TechNadu 2021-01-26
Google Drive Is Actively Abused by Pirates and Malware Distribution Actors | TechNadu 2021-01-25
Crypto Trading Platform ‘BuyUcoin’ Leaked the Sensitive Data of Its Entire Userbase | TechNadu 2021-01-21
WhatsApp Web Is Being Indexed by Google Again | TechNadu 2021-01-15

The Quint

Hackers Allege Data of 1 Million Domino’s Customers Leaked Online 2021-04-20
WhatsApp Pink? It’s A Virus That Can Hack Your Phone, Say Experts 2021-04-19
Facebook Data Leak: How to Know If Your Personal Info Was Exposed? 2021-04-05
‘No Evidence of Breach’: Mobikwik on Data Leak of 10 Cr Indians 2021-03-30
Amid Delay in SMS Regulations, BSNL Warns Users Against SMS Fraud 2021-03-11
Here’s Why India Faced Disruption in Banking OTP Services 2021-03-10
Facial Expression Recognition Cameras: Why Should We Be Concerned? 2021-01-22
Juspay Data Breach: Have My Card Details Leaked? What Happens Now? 2021-01-06

Bloomberg Quint

Mobikwik, Security Researchers Lock Horns On Possible Data Breach 2021-03-30
It’s Boom Time For ‘White Hat’ Hackers As Indian Payments Go Digital 2021-01-11

Business Insider

Domino’s India data breach allegedly exposes 1 million credit card details, 180 million order details 2021-04-19
Discount broker Upstox suffers data breach – Aadhaar, PAN and bank account numbers leaked 2021-04-12
MobiKwik CEO orders a forensic audit after denying any data leak from its digital wallet 2021-03-30
ZEE5 denies recent data breach claims 2021-03-05
Taking illegal, explicit content on Drive 'very seriously', says Google 2021-01-27
Google Drive becomes a goldmine for pirated, explicit content 2021-01-24
Cryptocurrency startup BuyUcoin hacked, data of over 3 lakh users leaked 2021-01-21
Mobile numbers of WhatsApp Web users found on Google Search 2021-01-21
After Juspay, ClickIndia, ChqBook and WedMeGood have been reportedly hacked — data of over 10 million users up for sale on the dark web 2021-01-06
The company that processes payments for Amazon and Swiggy has reported a data leak of over 100 million debit and credit cardholders 2021-01-04
Biggest data breaches of 2019 2019-12-12

The Financial Express

Everything to know about WhatsApp Pink, a new virus that can potentially give hackers complete control over your phone 2021-04-19
Beware of WhatsApp Pink! Link claiming to change Whatsapp in Pink is a virus, can hack mobile phone: Cyber experts 2021-04-18

The Caravan Magazine

Is the private sector gaming social-media policies to silence security researchers, critics? 2021-04-22

Deccan Herald

Don't click Pink WhatsApp link on messenger app; it has malware 2021-04-19
Credit card details of 1 million Domino's India customers compromised 2021-04-19
Data of 10 crore MobiKwik users on sale on darknet? Elliot Anderson backs researcher's claim; company denies breach 2021-03-29
Army personnel data leaked using Airtel network; company denies breach 2021-02-06
25 lakh Airtel customers data with Aadhaar IDs leaked, company denies any data breach 2021-02-03
Data of 25 lakh Airtel customers in allegedly leaked in Jammu and Kashmir; telco claims no breach in server 2021-02-03
Whatsapp Web messages, contact details leak on public search platforms 2021-01-18
Policy update doesn't affect privacy of messages; includes changes related to messaging a business: WhatsApp 2021-01-12
WhatsApp group chats details leak on Google once again, resolved 2021-01-11

The Free Press Journal

What is Whatsapp in Pink: Cyber experts say it is a virus 2021-04-19
Data Leak: Route Mobile investigating claims; data of Tata Communications, Bharti Airtel and DBS Bank allegedly leaked 2021-04-14
Mobikwik denies data leak 2021-03-31
An old Twitter post of MobiKwik on the data leak irks its users 2021-03-30
Researchers claim 'largest KYC data leak in history' at MobiKwik; company says 'data is safe and secure' 2021-03-29
Google Drive becomes a goldmine for pirated, explicit content 2021-01-24
Personal data of 70 lakh Indian cardholders leaked on dark web 2020-12-08

The Wire

MobiKwik, Cybersecurity and a Tradition of Going After the Messenger 2021-04-03
WhatsApp Says Policy Update Doesn't Affect Privacy of Messages 2021-01-12


Credit Card details of 10 lakh customers of Domino’s Pizza on 'sale' for Rs 4 crore: Report 2021-04-20
Route Mobile servers allegedly compromised; company investigating claims 2021-04-15
MobiKwik data leak: What we know so far 2021-04-01
Researcher who flagged Mobikwik's alleged KYC-data breach says company got Twitter, LinkedIn posts deleted 2021-03-30
Juspay data breach could get worse, cyber experts call company 'highly irresponsible' 2021-01-05

India TV

Domino's India hacked: Credit data of 10L users on 'sale' for Rs 4 cr 2021-04-19
This wide-spreading WhatsApp Pink link is harmful: Here's why 2021-04-19
Hacker hits Route Mobile, 'access' Tata Comm data; firms deny 2021-04-13
Data of 25 lakh Airtel customers in J-K allegedly leaked; telco claims no breach in server 2021-02-03
Mobile numbers of WhatsApp Web users found on Google Search 2021-01-15
WhatsApp advises users as Google removes group chat links 2021-01-11
3 more Indian firms HACKED! 1.13 crore users' data at risk, researcher says 2021-01-06
Debit, credit card holders ALERT! Data of 10 crore Indians being sold on Dark Web 2021-01-05
Alert: Phone numbers, email ids, income details of 70 lakh Indian debit, credit card holders leaked 2020-12-08

Gadgets Now (TOI)

WhatsApp Pink Virus: Beware of the WhatsApp Pink virus circulating online, it can hack your phone 2021-04-21
Domino's India website hacked, claims security company; credit card and these details of users on sale - Latest News | Gadgets Now 2021-04-19
hacker: Hacker claims to hit Route Mobile, 'access' Tata Comm data; firms deny 2021-04-14
MobiKwik denies data breach even as users share ‘evidence' on Twitter - Latest News | Gadgets Now 2021-03-30
Data of 25 lakh Airtel customers in Jammu and Kashmir allegedly leaked; telco claims no breach in server 2021-02-04
Google Drive becomes a goldmine for pirated, explicit content - Latest News | Gadgets Now 2021-01-25
WhatsApp: Mobile numbers of WhatsApp Web users appearing in Google Search, claims researcher 2021-01-15
WhatApp group chat invites show on Google again - Latest News | Gadgets Now 2021-01-11
Chats appearing on Google: WhatsApp wants users not to do this - Latest News | Gadgets Now 2021-01-11

Dainik Jagran

Domino's से ऑनलाइन Pizza ऑर्डर करन वाले ग्राहकों के लिए बुरी खबर! लोगों के क्रेडिट कार्ड समेत ये अहम डेटा हुआ चोरी 2021-04-19

Times Now

WhatsApp group invite links are reportedly available on Google Search 2021-01-11
WhatsApp asks Google to refrain from indexing chats, advises users to not share group links on public sites 2021-01-11
Data breach hits Amazon, Swiggy’s payment processor, 3.5 crore card information compromised 2021-01-05
Personal and financial details of 70 lakh Indians leaked on dark web 2020-12-15
Credit, debit card data of over 70 lakh Indians leaked online 2020-12-11
JustDial data breach puts over 100 million users' personal information at risk: All details here 2019-04-19
Justdial data breach affects more than 10 crore users 2019-04-18

Business Today

Hackers allege data of 3.5 million MobiKwik users up for sale on dark web; company junks claims 2021-03-30
Hackers leak Army personnel's data using Airtel network, telco denies any breach 2021-02-06
Amazon, Swiggy payments partner Juspay suffers data breach - 3.5 crore records compromised 2021-01-05
JustDial denies reports of data leak of 100 million users; says breach was in older version of app 2019-04-18


Hackers allegedly leak data of 9.9 crore Mobikwik users in India, company rejects claim- Technology News, Firstpost 2021-03-31
Hacker group allegedly leaks data of Indian Army personnel using Airtel network; company denies claim- Technology News, Firstpost 2021-02-08
Personal data of 7 million Indian debit and credit card users leaked on dark web, claims cybersecurity researcher- Technology News, Firstpost 2020-12-11
Just Dial reportedly suffers a data breach exposing details of 100 mn users- Technology News, Firstpost 2019-04-18

Live Mint

Beware of WhatsApp Pink, a virus spreading through group chats: Experts 2021-04-18
Mobikwik lands in trouble over reaction to possible data leak 2021-03-30
Data of 25 lakh Airtel customers in J-K allegedly leaked; telco claims no breach 2021-02-02
WhatsApp group chats surface yet again on Google search results: Researcher 2021-01-11


Upstox suffers hack, data of 25 lakh users up for sale on dark web 2021-04-12
Millions of card and KYC details leaked from MobiKwik up for sale 2021-03-30
Massive data leak from crypto-exchange BuyUCoin; company refutes claims 2021-01-22
Once Again WhatsApp chats are indexed on Google search says security researcher 2021-01-21
Private WhatsApp group links were exposed on Google search results: Report 2021-01-12
Millions of cardholder data leaked from Juspay servers 2021-01-05
Sensitive details of of 7 million Indian cardholders available on dark web 2020-12-08


Alertan sobre WhatsApp Pink, una nueva 'app' maliciosa: ¿cómo funciona y cómo protegerse de ella? 2021-04-22
Un experto asegura que los números de teléfono y los archivos mp4 de WhatsApp se filtran en las búsquedas de Google 2021-01-22
WhatsApp private chat groups get EXPOSED again on Google search 2021-01-11


Beware! Pink WhatsApp Installation Link Is Installing Malware on Smartphones: What We Know 2021-04-19
Mobikwik Data Breach: Co Denies Claims, Researchers Offer Proof of 11cr Users' Data Leak 2021-03-30
WhatsApp is Leaking Many Numbers in Public Search, Putting You at Risk of Spam, Hacks 2021-01-16
WhatsApp Group Chats, User Profiles Were Made Public Again on Google; Issue Fixed Now 2021-01-11
Data of 10 Crore Indian Cardholders Being Sold on Dark Web, Researcher Claims 2021-01-03
70 Lakh Indian Credit and Debit Card Holders' Private Data Has Been Leaked Online 2020-12-10

Zee Business

WhatsApp Pink - a new virus now threatens users accounts; find out what it is and how to stay safe 2021-04-22
WhatsApp Pink: Alert! THIS forwarded link on your WhatsApp with APK download link is a trap; Don't click - Check all details here 2021-04-19
Mobikwik data breach? Aadhaar, PAN details of 3.5 mn users leaked online? Shocking details revealed by researcher 2021-03-30
WhatsApp adds additional security layer to link account to PCs 2021-01-28
Taking illegal, explicit content on Drive ''very seriously'': Google 2021-01-27
WhatsApp Web users' Phone numbers available on Google Search? Know how to stop it 2021-01-18
WhatsApp update: After controversy, app asks users not to share these group chat links 2021-01-11
Leaked on Dark Web! Debit card, credit card masked data of 3.5 cr Indians breached; being sold via cryptocurrency Bitcoin | JusPay reacts 2021-01-06

Money Control

Malicious Pink WhatsApp Link Masquerading As Official Update Can Hack Your Phone 2021-04-19
Mobikwik Data Hack: Here’s How To Check If Your Data Is Safe 2021-03-31
Independent Researcher Says Biggest-ever Data Breach At Mobikwik; Company Denies Claim 2021-03-29
Data Of 25 Lakh Airtel Customers In Jammu & Kashmir Allegedly Leaked; Telco Claims No Breach In Server 2021-02-03
Financial Data Of 3.3 Lakh Indian Cryptocurrency Users Potentially Leaked To Dark Web: Report 2021-01-22
Data Of Over 100 Million Credit, Debit Cardholders Leaked On Dark Web: Researcher 2021-01-04


क्या है WhatsApp पिंक? जिसके झांसे में आए तो हो सकते हैं कंगाल! 2021-04-23
Domino's Pizza इंडिया का डेटा लीक, 10 लाख क्रेडिट कार्ड डिटेल्स भी शामिल! 2021-04-19
WhatsApp Pink के चक्कर में खो सकते हैं अपने मोबाइल का एक्सेस और बैंक के पैेसे 2021-04-19
हैकर ग्रुप का दावा-25 लाख एयरटेल यूजर्स का फोन-आधार नंबर लीक, कंपनी ने किया इनकार 2021-02-02
WhatsApp वेब भी नहीं सेफ, गूगल सर्च पर दिख रहे हैं यूजर्स के पर्सनल मोबाइल नंबर 2021-01-16
WhatsApp में फिर मिली खामी, गूगल सर्च में दिखे नंबर्स और प्राइवेट ग्रुप्स के ज्वाइनिंग लिंक 2021-01-11

Al Jazeera

Spread in India .. "Pink WhatsApp" may infiltrate phones and lose control of users' 2021-04-21

ABP News

MobiKwik Data Leak: RBI 'Not Happy' With Wallet App's Response, Seeks Immediate Action 2021-04-01
MobiKwik Data Leak: Wallet App Denies KYC Details Of 11 Cr Users Being Exposed; Know About Controversy 2021-03-30

India Today

WhatsApp Pink is a new virus targeting WhatsApp users, can take complete control over victim's phone 2021-04-19
Mobikwik data breach said to be largest KYC leak, personal data of 3.5 million users up for sale on dark web 2021-03-30
Exclusive: Millions of Airtel numbers with Aadhaar details and user data likely leaked, were accessible on web 2021-02-02
Phone numbers of WhatsApp Web users reportedly found on Google Search 2021-01-16
Data of 100 million credit, debit cardholders leaked on dark web 2021-01-04
Debit, credit card details, phone numbers of 70 lakh Indians leaked on dark web 2020-12-09
JustDial data breach: Personal data of over 100 million users exposed online 2019-04-18


WhatsApp Pink Scam: Here’s How This Fake App Can Steal Your Personal Data 2021-04-23
MobiKwik Data Breach: Data Of Millions Of Users Allegedly For Sale On Dark Web 2021-04-01
Data Of Over 3 Lakh Indian Cryptocurrency Users Leaked On The Dark Web: Report 2021-01-22
WhatsApp Fixes Vulnerability That Indexed User Profile Info, Group Chat Invites On Google Search 2021-01-11
Data Of Over Million Credit, Debit Cardholders' Leaked On Dark Web: Report 2021-01-04